Jack Iron – Leather satisfaction

I was always chasing opportunities for potential co-op with other companies, and there was no exception with Jack Iron.

I did find them on the internet randomly, and sent them a message explaining what I do and where I think we could benefit from a collaboration. The rest is now history as they used to say…

I’ve got an amazing bag from them which was even personalized with my own name inside. As we’ve been hitting the alps to shoot for Mercedes-Benz, it was no question I had to put it to a test…

Such a perfect match with the new G500 (btw a separate entry can be expected from that too).

I’m usually on the other side of the lenses, but as I had no male model with me, I had to make an exception 🙂

Apart from their web page, linked above here is a link to the FB channel too: Jack Iron

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