About me

My name is Peter Mosoni. I'm a creative automotive photographer from Hungary. I can offer the full package from initial prep for the shoot to full post production on the images and everything in between.

Starting photography at the age of 18, I realized I could unite photography with my other major passion - cars. My automotive photography career began as an obsession for cars and all things related and morphed into a very successful career photographing them. Originally by taking photos of for my friends pride and joys as a favor and later being sought out by collectors and local dealerships. Today I can offer help with advertising, brochures, press, editorial, post processing, stock images and much much more.
In order to bring you the unique style and astonishing pictures, I use the following kit:

  • Canon EOS 6D
  • Canon EF 50 1.4
  • Canon EF 85 1.8
  • Canon EF 24 2.8
  • Sigma 35 1.4 ART
  • Speedelite Flash
  • Led videolamp
  • Soft-box
  • 3,5m rig for rolling shots

Recent clients