Expansion – Ford Hungary joins the “game”

Bit by bit, company by company I’m getting there…

There means a dream I’ve had, to be able to shoot as many different cars as possible, to try them to spend a little time with them.

A few months ago I’ve been approaching Ford Hungary to see if they would support a potential co-op where I’d be generating some photographic content as well as I’d help them to reach more people trough my own channels (yes, now I can say with the amount of followers I do have some influence, even if it’s not that big yet, it would be stupid to neglect the power of social media).

So our first project started off with the Ford EcoSport, that is in essence not the most unique car that Ford offers these days, but that was the challenge, a challenge that made me think what and how to show.

This is how I came to the conclusion I need a dog to model for me, to convey the message of the active lifestyle that SUVs are representing these days. This is how I got Duncan, who is a English Setter and one of the best models I’ve been working with (of course thanks to his owner’s help 🙂 ).

I always love to shoot cars that have a color, this might sound obvious or stupid, but believe or not these days almost everyone buys black, grey or white cars, and rarely people tend to be brave and buy something in red, yellow etc. Funny thing is that I’d buy a black or white car only too :).


The sunset was an obvious choice to use it’s advantages to shoot the car at this time of the day, needless to say why…

I hope the story continues and if everything goes well, I’ll be back with more of Ford’s current models in front of my lenses.

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