Here comes the funk!

It's got all the charm, all the "funk". It's the new Suzuki Jimny which -as some of you already know- is a success story in many ways. People who are even not into cars love them, by it's cool retro look, and people who are into cars, well they also know how capable these little cars are, so they love them too. 
Now that's probably one of the reasons why Japan can't keep up with all the orders so there is quite a shortage of them. In Hungary you have to wait quite a lot to get one, and I believe it's the same all around Europe...
 This is why I was so excited when I got to know that a friend of mine, who happens to be the sales executive of Suzuki Barta in SFV can get his hands on one and willing to take it for a shooting in the woods...with a little twist: 
Yes, we got ourselves a previous generation one too, just to get in the right mood. 
And to top it all, he's got his Beagle and all the hunter equipment lined up so we can also get some "stylish shots+ as well. 
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