The “Unicorn”




A few days ago got a call from a fellow photographer, namely Gergő asking me if I’d like to participate in a shooting for Pepita.

Normally I’m not into these kind of things, but since I know Gergő and Valeria for a while now I knew they called me a for a reason…and damn’ I was right…



The subject in question this time was an Alfa, but a true “Unicorn”…An almighty Alfa-Romeo Sprint Zagato (known as SZ) in mint condition, waiting for us to soak the view in and to chat about this exceptionally looking thing.

Not many know this car, no wonder as only around a 1000 were made, and God knows how many are still around…It’s striking, edgy look divides people, typical love or hate type of car it is.

I’ll be honest, according to me it’s so ugly it’s actually beautiful, and knowing all the story behind, the famous V6 underneath…well I can hardly imagine that it wouldn’t move any petrolhead’s heart to pump a bit faster.

Last but not least the shooting itself had a great atmosphere thanks to who were surrounding me, good chats about cars (especially Italians) and about photography in general so I must thank once more to Valéria and Gergő for the “offer” and to Pepita for connecting us with the restoration company!

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