Peter goes big – My first ever shooting for Mercedes-Benz

Well, I’ve been dreaming about this for a really long time, and for a good reason…not lying if I’m saying, tons of effort and dedication went into, till this point is reached and yes, this is by far not the end… 🙂

This blog entry therefore -as the subject suggest- is about my 3 days trip that we’ve overtaken in order -and yes ladies and gents you’ll read it correctly- for Mercedes-Benz (still sends shivers down my spine to write this down)! So let’s get started and let me guide you trough the different steps and share some of the images we took during these magnificent days.


Part 1. The planning: The whole process started with sending my project plan to Mercedes and get their approval + check the selected car’s availability. From picking up the car in Stuttgart till giving it back in Stuttgart 🙂


Part 2. The Hand-over: After my concept and road-plan got approved and the car has been booked, we started our journey and headed to Germany to start this epic road-trip (Our friends in Heilbronn were kind enough to give us accommodation for day -1, still really grateful for them).



Part 3. Day 1: From Stuttgart we headed immediately to Schloss Neuschwanstein.


On our way we’ve been consistently seeking for nice locations…which did not seem to be hard, specially considering the dramatic weather.

IMG_5700After our arrival to Schwangau we parked the car and immediately went to visit the castle, which really looks like the one from Disney’s famous start scene.


Unfortunately however the bridge from which the castle is photographed the most was closed for 3 months due to renovation.


Thanks to the fact that we had our accommodation arranged and we did check-in, we were safe to look around in the city and to prepare for the night to complete the light painting session for this day.


Special thanks goes to the German police for not penalizing us for using a forbidden road just to get one shot where both the car and the castle was visible:



Part 4. Day 2: Due to the excitement we were simply unable to sleep and woke up quite early…our reward however was an astonishing sunrise, which we tried to use to our own advantage:


It was than time to leave and head to the Bodensee, our next “check-point” where our second day’s accommodation was waiting for us. On our way we again had some time to do a little fun…


…and to enjoy the beautiful scenery:


Mother nature however had different plans for us in the afternoon, as by the time we started to approach Bodensee heavy fog has fallen on the lake and it’s surrounding, but this actually helped us to produce a few moody shots .


Meersburg was a really charming city, even against the heavy fog.




Part.5 Day 3: This was the last day, unfortunately with not that great weather and by this time we got really tired. Newertheless we did try our best to use the landscape and to enjoy the last day spent in this fairly tale. We have been heading to Triberg, our last destination for a quick stop-over.


After a quick breakfast and coffee…


…we found the House of 1000 Clocks, and why not park the car in front for a quick shot?!



In a nutshell this is our short story with a Mercedes-Benz CLS500 and Germany’s beautiful places. I’m so grateful to all my sponsors, specially Pappas Auto Hungary and all of my supporters who believed in my and of course to Mercedes-Benz and Patrick-Walter for their trust.


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