Sigma Photo Magyarorszag – An other dream comes true

I always dreamed about being able to grab some lenses for a limited period of time from some big brands…and I never thought this time would come and actually Sigma Photo Magyarország would stand right behind me to support my work.

Following this line of thought you could expect what is coming…yes, I’ve had the honor to try one of their new (for me probably the second best after my 35 Art) 135 1.8 ART lenses. And what better ways to test than having a car to shoot, right?! Yeah right! And this is where the whole story gets a bit even more dreamy, as to complement the great equipment I’ve got a great car from Pappas Auto, their Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupé!

Let the images speak for themselves, enjoy!

Amazing sharpness.

Lovely details.

I’ve been shooting on F2 at most of the times, just love how great the bloekh looks.

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