Reaching for the stars – the short story of my #1billionlikestour

Ever since I started to work with Mercedes-Benz, many things have happened, many accomplishments and many great memories continue to remind me how lucky I am.
However I never thought that once I’ll get a mail from PIN1248 inviting me to a special exhibition at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, dedicated to the celebration of the 1billion-th likes that Mercedes achieved on Instagram with the help of many enthusiastic artists and the teams who were all lined up to provide quality and diverse content.

Okay, okay at this stage you probably might think that’s a great achievement overall but nothing personal so why to write about it…well that’s the twist as I’ve been invited due to the fact that I’m among many great, talented photographers (some of which are true artists) who’s image got exhibited at the Museum!

The invited photogs of course got a free ticket that enabled them to visit the museum and wonder around, but the main thing was seeing the whole installation made by the social media team and seeing my very own image at the exhibition.

Interestingly¬†the image made the cut and reached quite an amount of likes on Instagram was shot in front of the Museum when we did a spontaneous photo session with two W108…

As stated, the exhibition itself was on really the next level, the amount of images, the installation and the whole story wrapped around was making such a special atmosphere -not only for those who were part of this journey- but also who were visiting the museum mainly and just wondered around. Last but not least this Maybach concept is hell of a thing in person, I spent countless minutes starring at the design and the little details that made this thing so shockingly good in real life.

Reading trough that mail or even just writing this blog entry still sends shivers down my spine, and probably this was the reason why I decided to grab the keys and hit the road to kick-off my #1billionlikestour to visit my picture at the museum and to pick up a GLE 300d to shoot for Mercedes-Benz…

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