Shaking things up with Lexus Buda

There is a new customer on the horizon, namely Lexus Buda.

As you could guess this means that my portfolio from now on will not only consist of German car images/events, but also Lexus will appear from time to time among my posts and blog entries.

I’ve been receiving a warm welcome at the very first time I’ve entered their show-room and ever since I’m being treated as one of their customers. It’s a pleasure to work in such an atmosphere.

So, down to the business, first we’ve started up with a stunning looking RC300h…

…it was perfect to give me a taste about the design language of Lexus nowadays.

Than we cont’d with a beast, the RC F with it’s naturally aspirated V8 gave me excitement…

…and sent shivers down my spine all the time.



Last but not least we’ve just finished the shooting a couple of weeks ago the GS F, a completely different kind of beast.

Hereby I’d like to thank you for their trust and support!

Stay tuned as there is a lot more to come…!


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