Light Painting Collection

Long time no post, and now it’s time to break the silence…specially since I have a little bit of time right now 🙂

So this time, I’ve been collecting a couple of my fav. light-painted images. This techique is so cool I can’t get over it, and whenever I have the possibility I do manage to get one done from the victim’s I have the chance to shoot.


Let’s kick off with a detail shot of an Audi RS6 with Vossens:


SLS AMG, in this case I’ve been also using 2 flash shots to spice it a bit:


Porsche 964 Turbo, alias 965:


1965 Porsche 911:


Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe:


Audi R8 detail:


Mercedes-Benz C63s AMG:



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