C450 AMG T-Model – My 2nd project with Mercedes-Benz

After a successful closure of my first ever shooting with Mercedes-Benz, here we go with the second round!

This time I’ve got the chance to pick-up a Mercedes-Benz C estate (so called T-model) from Stuttgart. There was a little twist this time however!

Thanks to the background work of our friends at PW Event & Design and Mercedes-Benz itself we have had the chance to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum and than the Europa Park on our way.

IMG_1304 IMG_1484

We have had an awesome time during these 4 days, specially because we have had the chance to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum, than Rust and Europa Park on our way. Than we were heading towards a small village to spend the first night with our new friend


Who knows me, if it comes to nights…than I take the opportunity to ligh-paint, and this time was no exception

IMG_1607 IMG_1618

Next day we we took the road and went to Switzerland to visit Luzern…


…and to find some mountain roads to shoot the Mercedes at…which we managed¬† just fine

IMG_1768 IMG_1759

Unfortunately not all the time we had good weather, the last two days were raining all the time, but well..we at least tried to turn that to our own advantage.

IMG_1830 IMG_1846

Special thanks goes to the team of Mercedes-Benz and Patrick Walter’s event and Design for having our visit arranged and providing us with so many great memories!

I hope I’ll be coming back with a few more project like this in the future!


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